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Welcome to the Gates & Fences Showcase of River Valley Fencing

Proudly serving Fort Smith and the entire River Valley, River Valley Fencing has consistently showcased the elegance and durability that can be achieved in fences and gates. With years of experience in fence and gate construction, installation, and repair, our gallery is a testament to our craftsmanship and dedication.

Beautiful wood fence for local casino. - River Valley Fencing LLC - Fort Smith, AR

Fence & Gate  Types We Specialize In:

  • Wood Fences & Gates: The timeless classic. Browse through our wooden fences that blend seamlessly with any landscape, offering a perfect balance of privacy and aesthetic appeal.
  • Chain-link Fences and Gates: Durable and versatile. Our chain-link fences are ideal for those who prioritize security without compromising on visibility.
  • Aluminum Fences & Gates: Lightweight and rust-resistant. Check out our aluminum fences and gates, known for their low maintenance and sleek look.
  • Wrought Iron Gates and Fences: The epitome of elegance. Our wrought-iron fences not only add a touch of sophistication but are also incredibly sturdy and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adding a Fence

1. What type of fence or gate material lasts the longest?

Answer: Different materials have different lifespans and maintenance needs. Typically, aluminum and wrought-iron fences and gates are known for their longevity and can last for decades with minimal maintenance. On the other hand, wood fences and gates, while beautiful, may require more upkeep to prevent rot and decay but can also last many years when properly maintained. Chain-link, while less aesthetically appealing to some, is durable and can last a long time with minimal care. It’s essential to choose a material that suits your aesthetic preferences, maintenance capability, and climatic conditions.

2. How often will I need to maintain or repaint my fence or gate?

Answer: The frequency of maintenance or repainting depends on the material of the fence or gate and the environmental conditions in your area. Wood fences and gates might need to be checked annually for signs of wear, rot, or insect damage and may need resealing or repainting every 2-3 years. Aluminum and wrought-iron fences and gates, while resistant to rust, might need repainting every few years, especially if they show signs of chipping or wear. Chain-link fences require the least maintenance, but ensuring they are free from rust and checking for any damage regularly is a good practice.

3. Can I customize the design of my fence or gate, or am I restricted to standard designs?

Answer: Most fence and gate companies, including River Valley Fencing, offer a range of customizable design options. While there are standard designs that many homeowners choose for convenience, you can often collaborate with the company to create a design that fits your unique aesthetic and functional needs. Whether it’s a specific pattern on a wrought-iron gate or a particular wood stain or cut, there’s a lot of flexibility in designing fences and gates to match your vision.

Proudly Serving Fort Smith & The River Valley

River Valley Fencing is not just a business; it’s a commitment. A commitment to construct and repair fences and gates that stand the test of time. Serving Fort Smith and the entire River Valley, our passion is evident in every project we undertake. Whether it’s a new installation or a repair, when you think of fences and gates in the area, think of River Valley Fencing.

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